Sunday, September 16, 2007

I wish everyday was the weekend

I left work on Friday because of a debilitating headache, (hormones) which led to lots of general maladies--all solved by a huge afternoon sleeping session that rivaled Rip Van Winkle and in general being away from a computer for most of the weekend.

Don't be jealous when I count off all the fabulosities of my weekend. (yes, that's a word, just ask my sister. And run out and read this book. It's a cross between Judy Bloom and Kathy Griffin)

First stop: I spent Saturday with Shona in the press room. I begged her to let me help her, in exchange for an explanation of the press works. We printed 400 postcard backs, and kept yacking and yacking the whole time. It was glorious! And I'm so jealous of her press!

We went to an art show on the Stones River Greenway in Murfreesboro, saw some of Shona's art school friends, and then went back to eat a yummy lunch and print our hearts out.

Sunday started with a quick bite at Bongo Java in East Nashville, then on to the Craft: A Creative Community show at the lipstick lounge. Where I bought a great necklace from Wicked Moxie

Then to the art store for some supplies and home to sew in the studio while Jason took his turn being a tortured artist and painted on a canvas he bought.

So I had a couple of purses to show for the weekend, and great memories and information from Shona. After all these good times, I can't wait till next weekend!

You can go get this purse if you please from my shop where I'm putting it in the morning. I'm too tired right now.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:26 PM

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Cute bag. I am newer to your blog & I think your stuff is so cute, I love your clever writing style, very fun to read.

Posted by Blogger Petersen Family @ 2:57 AM #
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