Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Neighborhood (or Barrio)

Ever since these neighbors revamped their yard I've been trying to figure out how to take a good photo of their gnome garden. I mean, you can't get this stuff out in the fancy suburbs. Last week when I was coming home from work at noon, I did a roll by and snapped the pic. I was still worried someone saw me, but nobody came running out of the house, so I think I'm safe. Now that I can stop and stare without bothering the neighbors I see that they're not just any dwarfs, but Snow White and her septuplets!

Here is my sign of true love for my boyfriend. Instead of using the last of my printmaking classes to print yet more flowers and nature type things, I printed a mutant he calls "Bug Boy" on t-shirts. And I have to say, the class went nuts for it. He's such a great artist, but doesn't really have an outlet for it. So I printed a couple of extra shirts thinking we might sell them on e-bay. Then with all the extra money he makes he can take me someplace nice like Sonic for a treat. Yeah. Banana cream pie shake, here I come!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:40 AM

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Who did he use for a subject. I hope it wasn't family.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:18 AM #

Well, it was probably influenced by someone's mother--either his or mine, it's hard telling. Thanks for asking, Mom.

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 10:00 AM #

OK- where to begin beacuse this post is just too wacky funny. I WISH some people in my neighborhood gussied up their yard like this- you saw the house down the street from me, there's probably something dead in the front yard + no one will notice for weeks!
And Sonic- that's a fine dining establishment, what-cha gunna wear?

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 2:24 PM #

Oh, I dunno, prolly my soccer shorts and a peasant top. I'll have some real competition, though. The nice ladies of Murfreesboro road can put on quite a show!

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 6:05 PM #

You know what's funny. I found your blog on a California friends blogroll, and then realized that it was *the* Beth Howard who was part of Mamamade with me last year. You've got great talent! (looks like your boyfriend does, too) There was an art quilt of yours I LOVED last year at Mamamade and if I wasn't tucking away my profits for our baby, I would have splurged that day. The Mamamade Yahoo Group has had some activity and we're talking about another fall sale. Any chance they'll let you participate again under non-Mommy status? :-)

All the Best,

Posted by Blogger Tisra @ 1:26 PM #
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