Saturday, August 04, 2007

A few things about weird little me

Shona has tagged me to share 8 things about myself. I'm always thinking of how weird I am, but when it comes to writing these, I can never come up with them. And I recently realized that Sunshine tagged me 2 months ago, and I never responded! How rude! So this is my answer to you both.

1) I absolutely hate scrapbooking. I like the concept of making lasting documents of your memories, but it makes me furious that it's become this huge consumerism culture. And I can't stand how everyone acts like buying every little sticker and ribbon at Michaels, and not even cutting out their own shapes but instead using an astronomically expensive Sizzix machine for predesigned shapes qualifies them for the title of "creative". I guess I should just be happy that i can now get cool endpapers for my journal makings, but sheesh! I know I just pissed a bunch of people off, including my 2 sisters and cousins who are obsessed. I'm just sayin': quit buying all that SHIT! Make it yourself! It will mean so much more!

Enough bitching! The rest are pretty tame:

2) I get extremely sentimental at the sunset hour. Something about the lighting I guess..

3) I'm a procrastinator--but only when I'm afraid of something. Like my basement. I know I need to do laundry, but I hate going down there with the dust and bugs. I'm afraid I might find something devastating that will require major remodeling.

4) I have a terrible fear of "getting in trouble" and it was always my goal to be the teacher's favorite.

5) I talk myself into liking foods that actually make me screw my face into contortions. And I tell Jason that I like whatever it is I'm eating through clenched teeth. He refers to this as "yogurt face" because I try so hard to eat it, but after years of trying have accepted the fact that it's just not for me.

6) I grew up drinking at least 3 big glasses of milk everyday. I guess I really did grow up to be big and strong.

7) Just like Meg March, I feel my hair is my best feature.

8)I love a good road trip and often feel the need to just get out of town. My boss always asks me where I'm going that weekend, and he's been told Pittsburgh, Chicago, Vegas, Kansas City and Atlanta. I'm the queen of the short weekend trip.

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