Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Here I Is!

I'm a little punchy right now. I'm working overnights this week--getting up at 2am and going home at noon. The being home at noon thing is great because I can work in the studio during the daylight hours, which I just love. The getting up at 2am thing is pretty rough. I can feel my body screaming "what the heck!"

Way back last weekend, which seems like light years ago...I went to the Nashville State Fairgrounds Flea Market. Which is just awesome. This time was probably the best I've ever had there. I didn't buy anything much--a couple of vintage apron patterns for 25 cents--but there were some great booths. You can view my pics on flickr here.

This is my new dining room set. Stand by the polar bear skin rug and the Tom Collinses! And beer nuts, whatever those are.

I'm working on a big quilting tutorial, just be patient, my friends! I'm working feverishly behind the scenes, it's just not very picturesque right now. I mean, us bloggers live perfectly photographable lives all the time. Er, right. And the light is always good with no need for a flash, and no dirty dishes in the background. Right again.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:23 AM

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That dining room set is killing me! I LOVE IT!!!

Posted by Anonymous Roxanne @ 9:57 PM #
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