Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I'm a star student

Last night was the first of my 6 week printmaking class. I love being a student--I love the whole environment of learning from an expert, trying new things without the expectation of perfection or genious. That said, I of course want to be perfect and project my abundant genious.

I called yesterday afternoon to see what I needed to bring to class. "Oh, he's just going to lecture, so just bring a pencil and pad of paper." Um, okay. So the teacher walks into class, says "Hi, I'm the teacher, today we're doing silkscreening, so please choose and image out of this book of animals here." WHAT!! I had a semi-major spaz fit, and internally freaked out. WHAT!!?! I would have brought all manner of images, and designed. Why would I want to just randomly take an image, and waste an opportunity to make a screen? I wouldn't. The perfectionist in me wants to plan everything out. And then I didn't have an exacto knife or scissors or anything.

Anyway, I made do with what I had at my hands, and can't wait till next class--I'm going in with an arsenal. I intend to make use of every piece of equipment they have. And honestly, I was really excited to learn silk-screening. I've been reading about it and even have a kit that Jason gave me for Christmas, but I've been scared to try it. Now I'm know not to be a weinie.

And to come to class prepared, despite what anyone tells you.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:03 AM

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Love the prints! And especially the colors.

Posted by Anonymous Julia @ 1:35 PM #

hey beth, i think the first ones turned out pretty great! :) so this means the next ones will be unbeatable, :)

Posted by Anonymous true nature @ 12:05 AM #
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