Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Artisan Festival Wrap Up

Well. It's all over. Jason and I were home, unpacked and showered within 2 hours of the show being over. And I can say that I had quite a bit less to pack up than I came there with, which was a wonderful feeling. In particular, I sold that huge Nashville skyline painting there to some really great people, whom I didn't know. It's so gratifying that someone who doesn't know me likes my work enough to part with hard-earned money. And the home that they're buying it for is going to be on the Belmont-Hillsboro home tour in the fall! I'm so there. I'm very calm about the sale now, but when I was making it, I was trying really hard not to just started squealing and running aroung in circles. Not to mention trying to do math. I'm still kind of on a high about the whole thing.

So, here's list of things that I sold:
-TONS of purses.
-All 30 feet of the bunting I made in this tutorial.
-This flying geese pillow.
-a cd holder
-a couple of prints
-several postcards
-prints of Kelly's Nashville
-TONS of handprinted fabric. I was so surprised by this! But it's great. I think I need to do more of that.
-All of the journals that I had--I probably should have made more, but they didn't have a very high profit margin, and i just ran out of time.
-My huge painting. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

My favorite sale of the weekend. This little girl said she wanted an over the head purse. Her aunt bought this for her--it was the perfect size for her to put around her. And I thought--that's a pretty big purse for a 5 year old. Then she insisted on immediately transferring the contents of her previous purse right then and there. She had a pink and purple fleece bag that had more treasures in it than you could imagine. Including a couple of wheat thins. So I guess I was wrong about the size thing. Go on, girl. You're well on your way.

Overall, it was an extremely hot weekend, but so fun. I wouldn't want to do this all the time, but once in a while (when sales are good and it's not raining or hot) it's quite a thrill to meet everyone and see how much people love my work. Where else can you get that kind of ego boost? I loved to see people just walk into my booth and start grinning. Very gratifying.

My mom and sister were and enormous help and distraction from the heat. They allowed me to get up and see other artists, and Lauren is pretty hysterical. They left at noon on Sunday to go back to Missouri. It probably wasn't their idea of a super fun trip to Nashville, but I greatly appreciated them being there.

This is mom quilting on a hand-dyed, hand-appliqued, and hand quilted masterpiece. Lauren and I agree that it's our favorite of all time. And she's only been working on it for 5 years!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:37 AM

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CONGRATULATIONS on the painting sale- I know that was the crowning glory of the entire weekend! Your booth looked so wonderful- Bright! Cheerful! Inviting!
I completely know what you mean about the ego boost- it's quite a high -I once had one lady tell me that if there was one thing she would do, given the choice, it would be what I'm doing- wow! being the envy of someone else's dream!
You completely rock and by 5-yr-old standards too.

Posted by Blogger Shona~ LALA dex press @ 9:45 AM #

congratulations on such a success!!! I so wanted to pop over, but never got a chance. :(

if you were in the park and looked over to the 25th ave. side of the road,and you saw that twelve story building (the one that houses kobe steaks and is behind the jiffy lube). anyway, i work there. and as I was on my way to work friday morning, I saw all of the booths being set up. and I was jealous. haha. so as you were enjoying the day I was stuck in my office!

whew. all of that to say congrats!! what a super successful weekend. and how nice you got family to come visit with you! that quilt...oh my. your mom is more patient than i will ever hope to be. haha.

happy tuesday!

.xo. Jenn

Posted by Anonymous Jenn @ 6:01 PM #

I am so proud of you! I've bragged to the whole office.
Aunt E

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 6:26 PM #

Congrats on such a great success it sounds amazing.

I'm going to have to pass the quilting comment on to a friend of mine who's embarrassed to have worked on the same one (her first) for the past two years. Though the handmade element to your mom's version obviously accounts for a huge part of the time going into such a beautiful piece.

Posted by Anonymous ambika @ 5:24 PM #
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