Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend Happenings

I had a bit of a fit this weekend. I've been wanting to do some collage type paintings. Well, just paintings in general. While I'm usually a fiber artist, it's hard to get people to take the leap and buy an art quilt. Paintings are much more investable. I don't know why. I also like the act of spreading paint on a canvas, and the way I can get 3 works done at one time (paint a little, set it aside to dry, then paint a little on another canvas, then set that aside.) The whole sewing thing takes much longer. And let's be honest, i can't get as much money for fabric works. I know I'm not supposed to say that, but I have to balance! How am I going to get the time to make more fabric art if I don't make money now?

So after painting on these and leaving them in various stages in a variety of techniques, I was really frustrated. I flopped on the couch and declared myself a failed artist. I can't pick a style all my own. I really didn't care for major parts of these paintings. So Jason says "Yep, you're a terrible artist. Maybe you should make a plan before you start slapping the paint on." Huh. Interesting. I'll show him who's the failed artist! I can paint, dammit! Just because I can't draw zombies with incredible detail and gruesome accuracy doesn't mean I'm not a viable artist. I'll show him when I sell these puppies!

So trudged back into the studio with a renewed sense of purpose and put some finishing touches on them. And I'm at least at peace. I really like the birdcage. I think in the future I'm going to try to combine the whole canvas stretchers thing with fabric assemblies. That might be more my style.

I really should try to go about getting a style, though. I wish I could look at my art and see the similarities. And more importantly, that other people could look at them and know it's my work. I'm so ADD that I can't settle on a medium. Perhaps it will come to me and someday I'll be cranking out artwork that has painting, beads, stitching, stamping, fabric, photography, crochet, embroidery, and printmaking all in one work. Hmmm, maybe I should call in sick to work today?? Probably not. See the above paintings for why I can't slack at my job. I like dental insurance.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:33 AM

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I enjoy the flower painting very much!


Posted by Blogger A COLLAGE A DAY @ 1:10 PM #

Thanks so much! I really was going for a more collage-y feel. I love your work, too!

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 3:31 PM #

I don't believe I ever said you were a failed artist... I did say you should plan it out, but I never had any lack of confidence in your art ability... i am going to cry now, because of your hatred toward me.

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 6:34 PM #

Sorry--the above was posted by JASON, not me. He hijacked the computer again.

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 7:30 PM #

I, for one, really enjoy seeing all of your various interpretations on life! Who wants to commit to a particular style or theme or color palette or whatever? Your 'mark' is that you are a very talented artist and I would give my left calf (I have very pretty calves! HeHe) to have the talent you harbor. Anyway...........I love all three!

Posted by Blogger Mebsmommy @ 10:03 PM #
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