Monday, May 07, 2007

Weekend activities

I had a semi-productive weekend. All last week I painted and painted on this Nashville painting which I intend to sell at the American Artisan Festival in Centennial park on Father's Day weekend in June. I'm pretty happy with it. I told Jason over the phone last week that I was going to paint a bridge on it, and he said "Don't you do that until I'm there to oversee it. You're no bridge engineer." Okay, so he didn't say the engineer thing, but he should have because I got it all wrong, and when he saw it in person, I had to paint back over it. What happened to Control + Z??? My little "undo" function took me 2 hours on Saturday morning. Oh well. Now I really want to put another bridge on there, but I have to approve it through the master of perspective. I also want to put a little shadow on the lettering--it seems too white. When it's all finished I'll put a little time lapse image on here so you can see the progress.

I also made some pincushions on the couch during Brothers & Sisters last night. Love that show!! I got the pincushion instructions from Purl. This way was much easier than the way I have been sewing them.

Oh! I also cut some stamps and printed some fabric. I'll have to post that later this week.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:00 AM

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The painting looks great, super colors. I bet it'll sell in a heartbeat. Loved your Bingo post, too!

Posted by Anonymous casapinka @ 7:57 PM #
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