Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ready Ready Ready Ready to Run

Not so much on the running for me. Although I do admire having a goal and working for it. These girls trained for the half marathon since January. I have a terrible phobia of running and being tested physically, so probably just the starting line would start my heart beating fast fast fast. But I am inspired to do some more physical activity. Less time sitting around sewing, more time walking. It's a constant struggle. My doctor tries to tell me that you must exercise 2 hours every day for it to have any effect. WHAT? Who has that much time? Okay, enough of this talk.

Carrie, Abby, and Bridget came for the weekend from Missouri. I've been friends with them since college (even longer in Carrie's case. She's a local girl), have lived with or next door to them, and we've had countless late night talks, super silly adventures, and fashion critiques. Oh, and some dancin' at The 'Vu. Good times. To put it simply: These are some of my favorite people. No drama, lets-have-fun-without-getting-smashed, "good kids", farm raised, effortlessly cool type girls.

After the marathon was over, I decided for them that they have enough energy to trek to the Jack Daniels Distillery here in Lynchburg, TN. I love it there, it's small town, it's very Tennessee, and it's FREE! Hooray. And only an hour or so from Nashville.

Saturday night we went to the post race concert, much to the non-country lover's chagrin, but it was fun. Ironically, it was Sara Evans, who is from our neck of the woods--Central Missouri! It was pretty fun, but we were EXHAUSTED. I didn't even run the stinking thing, and i was tired.

On Sunday before everyone hit the road, we squeezed in a little purse time. Abby made the first one. Poor girl, she didn't realize her full selection options for fabric, then I kept forgetting to tell her something or other. But it turned out quite fabulous anyway. Carrie's is the black and white and green. Brilliant, of course.

I squeezed in a couple of projects this weekend too. And mom's painting inspired me to get crackin' on my own. More on that tomorrow.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:07 AM