Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A mini break

This is another of my high school artworks. We did a lot of working from National Geographic magazine tear-outs. I think this was actually a quinceanera girl rather than a bride, but at the time I though it was a bride. I think this was made by scratching a plexiglass plate then printing. I'm really obsessed with the printing right now. I'm going to take an adult education class on Wed. nights at Watkins all on printmaking. I could just kick myself for not taking printmaking in College. I took photo and then convinced my advisor to let me count a fibers class as printmaking--hey, I made stamps and printed on fabric. Anyone interested in taking it with me?

I didn't intend to, but I took a mini break over the last couple of days. One of my favorite people got married this weekend to a lovely lady who I just might like more than my original friend. That's how lovely she is. The wedding was at the Hermitage, the home of 7th U.S. President Andrew Jackson. It was outside, very elegant, and very sweet. I've known the groom since college, and so a majority of our college friends were in town for a great time. We Honky-Tonked, shopped, mani/pedi--ed, and ate a ton. Oh, and went to the wedding. It was so fun! And I laughed a ton.

All that said, there wasn't much time for sewing or artwork, although I worked yesterday afternoon after Pirates of the Caribbean. I love those movies! All the scenes are so imaginative and spooky. This new movie had a watery Singapore scene which I loved. Now I really need to crack down on production. I have 2 more weekends left and so many projects to work on. Oh, yeah, and I have to go to my real job too. It's going to be a long week.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:19 AM