Monday, May 21, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

A quick trip to Missouri for my dad's birthday yielded all kinds of fun. Lots of games, food, and gorgeous weather. I bought some lovely plants at the local nursery way out in the country, we ate at my favorite microbrewery, and played several rounds of washers.

It's a beautiful country drive from Tennessee to Missouri, and I often get the camera out and roll the windows down trying to capture the views, but fail. This time Jason was with me, so I made him take some, and on the way home I took some. Someday when I'm not in a hurry to get home I'm going to stop and really take some photos for painting and quilting inspiration.

Here are some of my very first works of art--high school Art 1 !! I remember really loving this lighthouse print. And this is my very first woodcut print. Before you get all impressed with my clear natural artistic talent, I should tell you that there were some REALLY bad pieces too. And my friend Barb, who was my art teacher then, but is a great friend now, wrote on the back "not your best effort" and gave me several "C"s. Somehow I overlooked her harsh grading system when we traveled to Florence together for a whole month when i was in college. I wish I was there right now!!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:21 AM

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Aren't you brave for whipping out the freshman year HS art, I won't revisit mine.

We did not make the MO drive this weekend, car issues. We like to meander through Land Between the Lakes or through Paducah (+ cross the river into Sikeston) + find yard sales- lots of great finds because of all the vacation homes in that area. But we avoid Cairo, KY like the plague!

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