Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Custom Work

I'm working now on a guest book for a wedding. The bride send me the invitations so I could get a feel for the whole thing. I love this project because it's really girly, and since it's small, I can really get detailed without sewing my life away. Just look at those cute pieces of patchwork! I'm going to quilt them and bind a book to be used for guests and for photos of the day. I'll show you more when it's all done.

And check out my new embroidery skills at work! This is perfect for that, right? I took the initials from the RSVP card and copied them, then used a two-toned thread to stitch. I'm probably going to add a couple more flowers, but it's close to being done.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:29 AM

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It looks beautiful! I love the whole thing - it looks so great.

Posted by Anonymous Candace @ 1:03 PM #

oh i love it! what a neat idea! and those patchwork pieces...perfect! haha. I am in the beginning stages of planning my first quilt (ah!), so if you get panicked e-mails from me, i'm giving you advanced warning! ;)


Posted by Anonymous Jenn (knittyJenn) @ 3:37 PM #
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