Thursday, May 10, 2007


Yesterday was Momma Mueller's birthday. Her birthday girl wish? To play BINGO in Franklin, Kentucky. Now, I'm a big believer in great birthday celebrations. I myself have not a birthday, but a birthweek.

Bingo is a strange game. It's not your typical church picnic lazy time, oh no. Some people (okay, everyone but us) were lighting up cigarettes due to the stress of marking all of their cards. On some games we had 18 cards to check!! Crazy!

I had a bad moment when I only needed I22 to BINGO!--I started chanting I22! I22! And it was the next ball on the screen!! (wow, I should totally be psychic), but they didn't call it yet--if they had gotten to that next ball it would have paid me a $525 prize, but some leathery old biddy beat me to it.

They do have some kick-ass nachos. And you can carry in your own treats. Jason and I brought candy cigarettes so we could feel like we fit in.

By the end of the night, Jason was sure I would be creating some artwork from the daubers. I must admit, I was trying to figure out if I could trade someone and make patterns out of the "daubed" spaces. And I was seriously considering taking home some of the cards with me. You could wallpaper and entire house with what they throw away there! Not archival, though.

Check out this dauber caddy. A new product for the Beth Howard Studio? Hmmm, I think maybe so.

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It's called a dauber? I never knew. A group of us played BINGO in an old seedy hotel in Downtown Vegas one time + had a competition to see who could have the most cards + actually keep-up. There was a little drink comp-ing going on so it was quite difficult (I got up to 12 cards).
Franklin, KY is such a cute little town, great antique shops.

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