Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Saturday in the City (part II)

After all the fun at Etsy Labs, we wandered around in DUMBO (down under the manhattan bridge overpass--it think) We had a deliciously caloric lunch at Bubby's and went on about our exploring.

Back on the island of Manhattan, we revisited Pearl River Mart--an extremely large and fun store of all kinds of Chinese imports. I bought some Chinese calligraphy stuff and a zen sand garden for my boyfriend, and some joss papers for myself. Oh, and they have the most beautiful dishware--I have a terrible weakness for pretty little bowls. I only bought 2!!

Then on to SoHo and the Purls--Purl is a knitting store on Sullivan street, and Purl Patchwork is its sister quilting store next door. Both are about as big as a shoe box, and incredibly charming. I've really been wanting to visit, because I read their blog quite a bit, and I really like what they're doing there. Bringing the charm back to quilting and knitting!

This is a handspun yarn made right in my own backyard! It's Ozark Handspun, made in Jefferson City, Missouri! And it is really great yarn. Next time I'm at home I'll have to try to check them out. All this knitting stuff kind of made me want to knit--but I'm still holding out!! No more new hobbies!!

I had so much fun and got SO much inspiration. I didn't even tell you guys about going to Kinokuniya--the best Japanese bookstore! I bought about 10 Japanese craft books. If you're not familiar with the wondeful world of Japanese craft books--look here. They are so beautiful and different and clean. And they're hard as hell to buy. You can't really get them online because all the sites are in JAPANESE! and they're no where to be found local bookstores. Maybe I'll take some photos and make a post out of them.

For now, I'm working at 2pm today, so I have the morning to clean (yeah right!) and work on some freelance--maybe after that I'll actually get some real crafting time!!

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"Stitch. Rip. Repeat."
This should so be my motto!

Just found your blog-jealous of all of your travels, but mostly jealous of your trip to Purl Soho! I don't knit, but their fabrics...they make me drool!

Posted by Blogger Lauri @ 11:45 AM #
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