Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Quick! While the light's still good!

Finally, a cloudy day! I love cloudy days. Especially in the summer. They seem so cool and refreshing, and the green grass really pops out. You can open the windows to the house and let the pre-rain breeze blow in. Now if only I didn't have to go to work in my windowless office today where I have no idea if it's night or day. And after working nightside yesterday, I'm really confused. Oh well. I'll have to take a walk at lunch. Hope it doesn't rain.

The real reason I love the cloudy skies is it makes for MUCH better photos. Since I moved my worktable, and since the time change, the morning sun is just too hard for great pics in the AM.

I'm using some of the fabric I bought at City Quilter in NYC. A convenient 2 blocks from my training office, so I went after training on Friday. Everyone there was so cheerful and nice. Not like the grouchy ladies at my local quilt shop. I swear, you'd think they are punished by working in a fabric store. Last time I checked, no one quilts because they HAVE to. Why not be cheerful about it!

Oh! I wish I could win the lottery and open up a Purl Like like quilt store in East Nashville. We are in serious need of a store that carries Anna Maria's, Heather's, and Amy's fabrics. Less Country Classic, more Modern Classic. Any donors out there? Yeah, I guess I'll go buy that ticket now.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:39 AM