Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm just a tag-a-long

I became somewhat obsessed by the Grandma's flower garden craze a month or so ago. I say "became" because I no longer feel the nagging urge to make more ridiculously tiny hexs. I made my piece and that's pretty much it for me. This project served it's purpose in being a great small take-a-long project for my long long, no-sleeping cross atlantic flights. And I spent at least an hour every night working on them while in Barcelona. And my mom even had to chip in some time, too.

I was inspired by the Craftzine link to Sunshine's site. She made it super easy. I didn't even have to read the destructions. There were plenty of pics to go around. Now I think there is even a flickr pool dedicated to the Flower Garden. Liesl from Disdressed posted this week about the torture of doing tons of work for such a small outcome.

The fact is, sometimes I like to really dig in and indulge my perfectionist, neurotic need to do really teeny tiny things. I love itty bitty things, as I believe I've mentioned before. Now I'm done. I feel no need to do any more of these. I scratched the itch, and that's all I need. I think I'll just paste it onto something else.

After I started doing these hexagons, I started seeing them everywhere. Here is a pice of tiles designed by Gaudi that were all over Spain. I really wanted to buy one, but I didn't want to haul it back.

I'm including another bad photo of the stinkin' birdcage. I just don't have the right spot to shoot it, I think.

p.s. See those handy little yellow scissors up there? Yeah, they made it through my carryon luggage at 7 different airports' security counters. I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but I was happy not to use my fingernail clippers to cut things with.

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:42 AM

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The "stinkin' birdcage"! ROFL! We say "the stinkin' _____" (insert whatever we are talking about at the time) all the time here, and I never hear anyone else say it. It just made me crack up...maybe I'm just a stinkin' lunatic or something this morning! ; ) But I still love the birdcage!

And I can only imagine the frustration that would insue if I were to try those hexagons! They are cute and beautiful and I love them and I REALLY appreciate all the work that goes into them, but I just would never have the patience. I'm thinking you should frame what you've done and hang it on a wall...all in white, maybe? White matte, white frame.... It would be gorgeous!

Posted by Blogger Lauri @ 9:58 AM #

Oh, trust, me I wanted to use a stronger word, but I figure you're all nice folks, no reason to offend you all so early in the AM!!! :)

The hexes weren't so bad, it just took FOREVER to get anything of any substance done.

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 11:43 AM #

What you have done is lovely would be lovely added to something else, applicade (sp) onto something else.

Take care

Posted by Blogger sunshine @ 11:24 PM #
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