Monday, April 02, 2007

I'm back! If only for a little while.

Still out of sorts from all the travelling, I awoke at 4:30am today. My mind is totally spinning. I should have posted sooner, but I just needed to get my brain together after such a lovely, thrilling, relaxing, enlightening and overall fantastic vacation in Barcelona, Spain. Here is a link to my pictures worth more words than I have the energy to write. Does anyone else feel a minor meltdown when coming off vacation? It's such a let down! And I love my family to death. They're the funniest people I know. I think it's a Cosby kids syndrome thing: I had such a great family and childhood, I don't want to leave it. I want to stay at home with them. It's a great life!! But no, I have to live 400 miles away and be a grown up. It's just a shock to come back to home ownership, a throroughly trashed house (thanks to my studio upheaval last week) and a thousand projects in the works. I'm getting what I asked for!

I'll be writing this week about various experiences from the trip--crafty shopping, excursions, man vs. the machine, art and architecture, and more. Since I'm traveling again tomorrow, be patient. Let me just say that I now have more ideas than I have time for and I'm a little stressed about it.

I'm leaving again tomorrow afternoon for a training trip to NYC, although I'll be staying through the weekend and tooling around the city (Purl Patchwork, here I come!!) If anyone has ideas for me as to what I can cram into Saturday and Sunday, send them my way.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:08 AM

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Your pics are so great! I love the one of your family on the spiral staircase.

Posted by Anonymous Kristen M. @ 9:11 PM #
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