Thursday, March 01, 2007

The video is UP!

You can go check out my Talk of the Town appearance (and learn how to make a 5-minute bag) RIGHT HERE!!

I think it went pretty well, although I must say--they made me take of my stylish necklace because it messed with the mic.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 3:49 PM

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beth, what a great piece! ha...yay!! I can't wait to see all your things on Saturday! :)

back to the grindstone..haha..

oh and I'm gonna be in that show next Sunday too!


Posted by Blogger Jennifer @ 9:52 PM #

Can I say you were absolutely fabulous? And they gave you the most appropriate title "Beth Howard/Craft Expert" Maybe we should come up with a crafty TV show??? Good luck at the show and your bags look great.

Posted by Blogger kim @ 10:14 PM #
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