Friday, March 23, 2007

A Little Sojourn

Okay, my friends. Thanks for being loyal readers! I really appreciate all of you who look at what I've got going on in the studio, thanks for the comments, and even for those of you who just read and don't leave comments (lurkers!!) Just kiddin'. I'm mostly a lurker myself. I look forward to writing good stuff and showing you interesting things that you might find inspirational.

Anyway--I'm off for a week's vacation in Barcelona, Spain!! I can't believe it's finally here! I'm such a packing space cadet. I got all the way to work this morning without my passport and had to go back. I started my new messenger bag at 10:30pm!! And then I still wanted to cut out pieces for this excellent take-along quilt project (naturally). So I didn't get to bed until 2, I got a phone call from work at 5:30am, and never went back to sleep. I'm pretty sure I'll not have any trouble sleeping on the plane.

My camera's flash card holds 1400 (!!) photos, so you better believe that I'll have some good blogging material when I get back. Then 2 days after I get back I'm going to New York City for work, and will try to do some fun stuff on the weekend. So what I'm saying is: stay tuned! I've got some great stuff coming up!

See you in a week!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 12:04 PM

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Hope you're having a great vacation - your painting looks great!

Posted by Blogger mohairpink @ 10:03 AM #

Your funny, and yes I look and don't leave a post most of the time, (lol). Hi my name is brenda and I do love your blog, very entertaining.

Posted by Anonymous brenda @ 1:31 PM #
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