Monday, March 19, 2007

The first of several vacations

This weekend we went to Atlanta for a mini-break. Mostly to go to my Disneyland--Ikea. I love even the smell of that place--it smells clean and crafty. Ahhhhh, I wish I were still there. I was trying to explain this whole thing to Jason, but he was pretty unimpressed. To bribe him, we went to the Georgia Aquarium which is pretty excellent. It was sad when Jason got eaten by a whale-shark. I was pretty inconsolable for at least 3 minutes, then I ran off with the really hot bearded beluga whale specialist.

I'll be busy this week rearranging the studio with all my new Ikea stuff (the main reason for going to Hot-lanta) Finalizing and printing wedding invitations for some friends, sewing some new accessories for the trip to Barcelona on Friday, doing mountains of laundry and packing like a mad woman. Oh, and hopefully finishing Kelly's painting.

Here's the empty studio--like you'll never see it again. I was thinking as I was clearing stuff out: holy crap. I'm NEVER moving.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:31 AM

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Can't wait to see the new studio. Have a great trip!

Posted by Anonymous casapinka @ 12:31 AM #

That is too bad that Jason got eaten - let that be a lesson learned for him and all men.... Just nod and smile enthusiastically when your girlfriend gets excited about shopping!

Posted by Blogger freshie beth @ 12:44 AM #
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