Monday, February 12, 2007

work and more work

UPDATE: I wrote this last night very late, and after I read it this morning, I realize I should stick to writing intelligible sentences pre-11pm. I'm just not a night person. I'll leave the post up, though just for archival purposes.

Call it a purging of sorts. I've been busy at work in my studio ever since the world started spinning wildly on its axis at work. I finally worked a semi-normal schedule last week--and get this: I got two whole days off!! Which I spent judging a high school film competition (so fun) and I even had an adult beverage without worries about whether I'd be called into work later. I found myself laughing just a little to loud at things that weren't all that funny--just to hear myself laugh because it had been too long. The scary thing about the past 6 weeks has been that now I realized how work eventually just swallows you up. You have a huge project that is really important to you and everyone else. So you bust your ass. Then you've bonded with everyone else who's a glutton for punishment, and you all agree on the fact that whatever you're doing is so much more important than getting fresh air and actually living your life. And you forget about your life before when you worked to live, not lived to work. I see now. It happens in little tiny pieces. I already feel dread about ever leaving m job because I've invested so much into learning the intricacies of putting graphics on little airwaves that fly into your television sets.

However, I have been trying to balance, and sew a little something every day. This last weekend I really got some serious head way made. Next thing is to lay out all my goods and take inventory to see what else I need to make. Actually, then next thing should probably be taking my Christmas tree down. Seriously. I just loved all of my ornaments so much! And then I was hit by a train, and now it's just sad. What to do. Maybe I'll do it tomorrow. Or not.

I'm so proud of this bag! It was loosely based on this bag. Here's where the Rip.Repeat comes in: I had to rip out this seam (and so many more)--I just use and xacto blade because I can never find my seam ripper, and it works really well. It's probably my favorite tool. If I were on survivor, I'd take watercolors and and xacto as my luxury items. Who needs razor, I ask you!

I'm so tired right now my eyes won't stay focused. I'll try to fill in the blanks up there with links manana.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:49 PM

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Beth, you just make me laugh, which is always a good thing. I wish that I had your talent and could sew like this. You bag, X-acto and all, look so pretty. Nice work.

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