Monday, February 19, 2007

The Sling Bag

Believe it or not this bag is actually taking me up to 3 hours to make. i've decided that I need to be making the kind of purses that I would love to have. By that I mean, you can buy a basic bag in a pretty cool fabric at Target (not as cool as my fabrics, but still) So the bags that I make need to be special. And truth be told, when I'm not busting my self for a craft show deadline, I spend a lot of time fussing over things and adding time-consuming details. And since I have a pretty good stock of purses built up, I actually have the time to do that this time. I can't wait to show them to everyone!

Did you see my little orange leather flower? I love it! I discovered the scrap bin at the Tandy leather store here in Nashville. There are some pretty interesting things there--but if you're not in the market for an entire hide (and I'm not) they have a pretty good scrap bin that they sell by the pound. I went in because I want to make some quilted Mary Janes. I went so far as to trace my feet on freezer paper, was completely freaked about how big my feet were, and put the leather sole material away. I'll go back when the trauma has worn off.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:00 AM

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I love these!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:29 AM #

I agree - the sling bag is FAB!!

Posted by Anonymous Linda Sonia @ 11:44 AM #

I absolutely adore this bag design. Would you mind if I make a version for myself?????

Posted by Blogger Mebsmommy @ 11:11 AM #

thank you, thank you!!!!! I will post a pic when I find my inspiration fabrics and make the bag!

Posted by Blogger Mebsmommy @ 7:47 PM #
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