Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I made it through the storm

Or at least, I thought I did. Last week I worked 83 hours in 7 days. We made the big switch over to HD, the new graphics, and a beautiful new set. But yesterday, 4 days in, everything seemed to be falling apart. I cried during the entire 6pm news. I have GOT to get a tougher skin. Blame it on being too sensitive, but I get tired and can no longer control outbursts of emotion. I hate crying at work!! It's so unprofessional. And I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I'm MAD. Very, very MAD. But when the waterworks start, I just look like a wienie.

But I digress. Last night I did actually get home before 8pm for the first time in more than a month. So I celebrated by sewing. Now I have no excuse not to get crackin' on my stash of work for the upcoming show. I think I need to make a few fast and simple things just to build up my inventory.

Here are some very basic instructions for the tote. I actually deconstructed a bag that I had purchased, but it was pretty easy. Just use common sense where my instructions are lagging.

p.s. did you recognize that fabric? Yep, I decided to start actually using my stash of hand-prints. It's a good way to make my bags stand out in the crowd. you can't buy that print at Joann's!! Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:14 AM

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What happened? Why were you so mad? I watched TD tonight and it was terrible again, so sad. I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

Posted by Blogger mohairpink @ 3:55 AM #

I was mad at the news director who nit-picks about font size on a graphic when it's all I can do to make the machine put graphics on the air. I'm just saying, there's a time and a place for criticism, and he doesn't know much about timing. I'm better now. Thanks for being concerned!!

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 9:26 AM #
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