Sunday, February 11, 2007

excuse me please

I really need to be 13 years old for the next 5 minutes. I love John Mayer. I mean like the kind of school-girl, not-since-New Kids on the Block sort of crush. He's hilarious, quirky, brilliant (please, PLEASE go read his blog. it's so funny and creative--seriously. he's a genious) I can't get hold of myself!

If you haven't heard Continuum, go out and get it. #5, Slow dancing in a burning room? Oh yeah. There are no appropriate words. I couldn't possibly write them on this here world wide web, even if they would come to me. It's a deep connection I have with this man's music. I want to stop everything I'm doing and listen to it over & over again. And I've had this album for 5 months now! It's probably the best album I've had in 5 years.

I went to see him and the 2nd coolest person in the world, Sheryl Crow last october and it was my dream. We splurged on good seats because it's not worth it to see Sheryl and John from the lawn. All i can say is: you should see the provacative way this man can bounce his foot to keep time.

Enough! I'm tired from a flurry of actual craft and sewing related activity which I hope to photograph tomorrow and post tomorrow night.

see ya!

I can't even be very witty or articulate about it. I have a crush. Sue me.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:13 PM

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Yeah! I am a fan too, and am going to see him in April in London, ON. Can't wait!!!!

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