Monday, January 15, 2007

Christmas Gift Review #2

This is a post about the finished quilt, but I also wanted to mention my knee lift bar for my Bernina, Wanda. I love her, and now her ride has been pimped. The knee lift bar is supposed to speed up your sew-flow by 30%. I'm counting on that. Lifting the presser foot all the time was really bringing me down. Especially when sewing lots o' tiny little seams for bags, etc. Wait till you see all the gifts I'm going to review. You'll be green with envy. One at a time. And I'll prolly be more bragging than reviewing, but just you wait till the books portion of the show is posted. Just you wait.

Oh, and I wanted to post the most gross and weird shower game ever:

See, you chew a piece of bubble-gum, (it's supposed to be pink, not GI Joe green) spit it out on an index card, then sculpt it's rubbery gooiness with a toothpick. Now, I'm a master at Cranium's Sculptorades, but this was no Cranium game. After all the master pieces are completed, the momma-to-be comes back in the room and chooses her favorite. Actually, it was a quite hilarious game, despite my personal struggle with the rubberiness. It's simply impossible to sculpt when it keeps trying to return to it's lumpy state.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:59 PM

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That quilt is beautiful! How long did it take you? I'm new to sewing, but can't wait to start working on a quilt of my own.

Posted by Anonymous Candace @ 4:57 AM #

Hi Candace! Thanks for the kudos! I working on this for about 20 hours or so--maybe less. I came home from work and worked for 3 or so hours for 4 days, and then had a marathon session the night before the shower--and I think that was about 6 hours.

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 8:19 AM #
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