Monday, December 11, 2006

Old school

This my friends is my very first quilt. You can see my little signature in the corner "EAH 1987" which makes me 7 years old. I remember my mom helping me sew it all together--all hand pieced!! Probably my first and last completely hand sewn quilt.

I also remember having major finisher's block. I didn't want to work on it--I wanted to start another one!! Mom of course made me finish this one first. Then I didn't quilt again for several years, when I made this jean quilt:

Those are the pockets from some of my very favorite jeans. See the unicorn? Oh yeah. I know the 8 year old inside you is jealous. The 8 year old inside me is jealous fo sho. This quilt i remember even more. I loved the production work of cutting out all the jean squares. I did not love shoving all the denim into my mom's viking sewing machine. It wasn't called a "viking" for no reason. It was serious.

I can't seem to get moving on any crafty projects. I'm lacking large chunks of time, and for me, starting a project requires a block of time where I don't have to be somewhere at the end of it. Tonight I'm working late--until 11, and tomorrow I'm working dayside again, so it will be a while before I get much time at all. I saw a delightful patchwork bag somewhere online--can't remember where--don't you hate that? I should bookmark more diligently--and I really want to cut some big squares and piece them together for a large colorful quilt with some of my beautiful fabrics. I've been buying more fabric than I'm producing sellable pieces. This program just highlighted "sellable". Shut up! I think it's a word, and so I'm using it. Great. I'm already yelling and filled with rage.

Now for happier things--I'm off to meet my friend and sell her a very SELLABLE breadbox bag....from my etsy site.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:04 AM