Thursday, December 14, 2006

My other side

Besides being a crafter/seamstress, I'm also a designer. Mostly a designer, in fact. It's what I do everyday at work, it's half of what I went to school for. And I love type. I also love Hatch Show Print. I sometimes design wedding invites for my friends.

This is a save the date card in the Hatch Show Print style. I really love it. I wish I could actually print it on a letterpress, but alas, I do have SOME control when it comes to purchasing large heavy pieces of equipment for the purpose of yet another time-consuming hobby.

I really want to redesign my portfolio website,, and I intend to have a page for custom invitations.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:00 AM

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I love the journl idea...gosh why didn't I think of that years ago.(As I wasn't an art student no one suggested it) Now I convince myself that all my best crafty ideas have been forgotten!

Posted by Anonymous Mary Ann @ 6:30 PM #
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