Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My favorite journal

This journal got me through many a boring night in the same old bar (which I miss dearly) with the standard crew--me and 6 guys sitting around drinking the best beer ever -- Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat. Well, mostly they drank, and I used this sketchbook to work on graphic design homework. I was the youngest by about 5 years, and they all had full time jobs at the local tv news station. I was a poor student, and had to be ready for critique at 8am.

And occasionally some of them would do a little sketch in it for me. This is my friend Scott-a guy with a truly great sense of humor, and amazing artistic talent.

I taped in pieces of my favorite sketchs from napkins and torn out magazine snippets too.

This is a map someone drew for me of the local trails around Columbia, Missouri. You wouldn't think it, but it is a great place to hike. Tons of really cool trails--literally 5 minutes from my apartment door.

In all my sketchbooks, I keep a running list of movies, books, music, and wine that I hear about and want to check out later. This is hilarious in hind sight to see the lists. Some humiliating music choices from the late 1990s, let me tell you.

And here is a prophetic note my friend Lou wrote for me. I was coming to Nashville for the first time to visit on of the guys, and she wrote out all the cool places to go. And even now that I live here, looking back, she was right! She wrote Hillsboro Village, Pangaea, Tootsie's, the Pancake Pantry, and the Bluebird.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:37 AM