Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Have you seen this?

I can't remember now if I posted this before---probably back when I only had 2 people viewing the blog, and they were me, and me from my work computer. I call this quilt "farmland" it's a wall hanging quilt, made from all hand-dyed by me fabric. I used a lot of fusible web, and my new (at the time) sewing machine. It's pretty big--36x42 or so. I think I needed to get some farmy stuff out of my system. I live in the city now, surrounded by people and there very barky dogs and I never see farms any more, let alone on a daily basis. It used to be that everywhere I went I was surrounded by rows of corn or soybeans. Now, I wasn't a farm girl myself, no siree. I lived in town. Where there was a stoplight. A flashing stoplight. And a Quick Shop, and a Car wash.

My sister and I could walk the 3/4 of a mile to school. We would stop at the park to have a little fist-fight over something like the fact that she insisted on walking exactly 2 steps ahead of me, and claimed it was because she just wanted to walk faster. (um, if she had just wanted to walk faster, she would have gotten further and further ahead, instead of staying 2 steps ahead of me for a half mile. Hello.) But now I don't think anyone walks to school. What a shame! When do they fight with their sisters?

Back to real life--This piece is going to be in the Untitled Artist Group show at lucky's garage on Friday night from 6-10. I had a hard time choosing what to put it, as you can only put in one piece. It was between putting in a painting that is ok, but not my true artistic statement, (but had a good chance of selling) or putting in something that I wanted people to associate with me. So in goes Farmland. And if it sells, great, but if not, at least it will have been shown. Good day!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:12 AM

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Stay true, sister. You're right to go with the farmland quilt. It's so original and beautiful, kudos to you.

Posted by Anonymous pinkmohair @ 12:57 PM #
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