Monday, November 06, 2006

Me and my idol (or one of them, anyway)

Let me tell you that I HATE this photo of me. I look like a giant ready to eat Paula Deen, who turned up at my work for a quick book tour (on a private jet, no less) She's bona fide Food Network celebrity. I was wearing heels, so I was approx. 6'4" this day, and I have something wrong with my eye, so I had to wear glasses, and I was wearing comfy driving clothes for the 400 miled trek after work on Friday.

Anyway, enough excuses. I just love Paula Deen she's hilarious, raucous, and generally sweet and salty. And she cooks EVERYTHING with a stick of butter. Love it!! Judging from this picture, maybe I need to lay off the butter.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:55 PM

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Paula Deen!!??!!??!!?? Nashvegas really is where it's at! I love her and her butter!!! I'm so jealous.....but keeping it under control here.

Posted by Blogger kim @ 7:45 AM #

I love Paula Deen! As I opened your blog I thought.. gee, that looks an awful lot like Paula Deen.. oh, it IS! :) Her new show is a riot! I think it's a good picture and I just love your scarf. We're always more critical of ourselves though.

Posted by Blogger deb @ 10:26 AM #

I wanted to go see her on Friday, but we went to St Louis for the weekend! I'm so jealous. will you tell us all about her at the next fiber arts meeting?

Posted by Blogger chantal @ 6:20 PM #
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