Thursday, November 09, 2006

Excellent Purchases

One thing I love about making things and selling them is that it frees up some moolah for buying more supplies. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's the only reason I sell things. I'll never be a successful business person because I spend all the income.

Oh well. These are some fabrics I picked up at Hancocks of Paducah on my way through--I always try to schedule my driving to Missouri around their hours. The best thing about Hancocks of Paducah is that they have a HUGE remnants table. And I mean remnants of all kinds of fabric--I actually found the newest Amy Butler's and some favorite Denyse Schmidt fabrics, too. And I just love that purple-y fabric from Anna Maria Horner. Did you know she lives here in Nashville? I know. I need to start hanging out more at the fabric store. Maybe I'll run into her and some inspiration will transfer to me through osmosis.

And wouldja look at these stamps??!?!?! They're all post-marketdy and British. I picked up 2 huge Ziploc bags of them at an estate sale in St. Louis's Central West End. I think I'm going to break them up into smaller lots and put them up on Etsy. I love them, but don't need 2 huge bags full.

Or maybe I do.

No, Beth, you don't.

But, maybe I'll use them in a huge painting.

But you probably won't.

But you never know...

Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:50 AM