Monday, November 13, 2006

Back in Production

Check out my wine-carrier! you can see I've got 2 bottles of wine in there, and I lined i with fleece to help temperature regulate. I'm back to spending evenings (and cramming some time in the hair is never fixed!) in the studio, cranking out lovely couture bags and stitched items. Well, at least, fairly well made, mostly of my own design items.

I'm participating in a Holiday Open House in Sylvan Park this Saturday. I'm going to post more about it tomorrow, but mark your calendars! 9am-1pm. Lots 'o great gifts for the holidays and they're all made by moms! No, for those of you wondering, I'm not a mom and have no current plans to become one in the near future. My boyfriend is enough of a handful. But Angela will be there, and Chelle from one of my classes, and lots of other cool mamas with very cool merchandise. Check me out tomorrow, and I'll post more info.

I think maybe I need to chill out on my green obsession. Not everyone loves it like I do. Why can't I just make something that's red every now and then? Must work on that. But...all my fabric is green. Or purple.

Anyway, my hair is drip-drying yet again. Time for work.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:08 AM