Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Why do I love this?

I'm not sure why, but i LURV this wallet. I made it over the weekend, with (mostly) Denyse Schmidt fabrics. As previously mentioned, Jason nearly had to pry it from my hands because I was staring at it and petting it. Who needs a dog? Well, Jason needs a dog. That's who. He routinely says in a very childlike --let's be honest--baby voice "everybody's got a puppy but ME!"

Anyway. I just winged (wung? wang? whatever) it and sewed this thing together. And so it is. I'm probably forgetting some pertinent information, but I'm zoned out and tired. Nighty-night!


Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:27 PM

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cuuuute! I love it! :) now if only I can wait patiently till I have a real sewing machine and can "wing" anything I want!


Posted by Anonymous Jenn (knittyJenn) @ 12:44 PM #

That is so cute! Are you planning on making more of those to sell? =)

Posted by Blogger Shinita @ 1:46 PM #
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