Sunday, October 29, 2006

Still Standing

...but with a seriously sore backside. The day at p-fest was okay, not a hugely successful sales day, but I didn't lose any money, either, so that's okay. Some wins, some losses. Some lessons learned: first and foremost, don't set up an entire booth by yourself at 6am when you're in the throes of PMS. (Why haven't I read that rule in any magazine or book about being a successful crafter?!) I was grumpy for the 1st couple of hours because I was bone-cold and was being bombarded by really horrible Christian music. Not that I have a problem with it in general, but this was a recorded children's choir being blasted through the speakers. Think "I'm in the Lord's Arm-eeee! Yessss! I'm in the Lord's Arm-eee!"

Anyhow, I met some really sweet people who were so enthusiastic about my work. It's the best when that happens. I also set up next to the coolest guy. He's been painting portraits since 30 years before I was born. He does these amazing quick pastel portraits of kids with all kinds of crazy colors. A little Degas-ish.

Also, a ton of my friends came out to see me. Work friends and internet friends. Angela dropped by with her crew, and lots of "celebrity" sightings--I know that in the grand scheme of Nashville and country music stars, local news people are not really celebrities, but they have to be on their best behavior because you never know who knows them.

So I cleaned a lot tonight--trying to get my life a little back on track. I sold a ton of bags, but have a few things left, so I'll be posting them on etsy as soon as I can get my pal Wendy to model them for me. I also got quite a few orders for bags, wallets, and floorcloths. I'll get right to work on them. But first, Fall Festival Fun Night is on tap for Tuesday. I'm not into huge crowds of scarily and scantily clad people at bars on Halloween, so instead we're having chili, potato soup, and carving punkins at my place while I had out candy to all of 4 trick or treaters.

Now that I'm a little less driven to sew bags and boxes and pouches, I'll work on more eloquent blog entries as opposed to the quick "I'm tired and nuts".

Still tired and nuts, but with the sore muscles of a girl whose show is over, if only for a little while.

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:25 PM

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I so wish I had been able to get down there. I love fairs in Franklin:) Your booth looks great...looks like you really turned out a lot. Congrats on that. I wish I had that much focus:)

Posted by Anonymous Kathleen @ 10:11 AM #

lovely booth. I just love your work.

Posted by Blogger deb @ 2:18 PM #
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