Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Modeling through the pain

It finally happened. I sewed through my finger. I had the free motion foot attached, and was really struggling with a wayward purse. At first I just thought that I punctured the nail on the top of my finger, then I thought "hmm. where is that blood coming from?" Oh yeah, it was coming from the exit wound. Oops. So I called my mommy, who assured me that needles can't carry much bacteria, and an hour later it didn't even really hurt. No harm no foul, I guess.

I haven't even told you guys about my class last Saturday at the aRThOUSE. It was great. I had about 7 students, and we rubbed, and rubbed and rubbed. Paper, that is. We transferred family pics, and my favorite: old photos which have nothing to do with me. Here are a couple of mine. Clearly, I have not yet rubbed enough. I think it has something to do with the kind of gel medium we used. Last time, we used regular gloss medium, and this time I accidentally used the slo-dri kind. Hmm. Luckily, my students didn't get too mad at me for all the labor-intensive stuff. I brought chocolate to bribe them. I endorse emotional eating at any opportunity.

And here is my favorite creation of the day. How very autumnal, right? Love it! I may have to make a bag or two with this same fabric combo. Does anyone know if cordoroy frays? Maybe some green cord flowers or leaves? I'm spinning around and around with ideas, and can't get nearly enough done. Happy Wednesday!

Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:56 AM