Monday, October 09, 2006

Painting with Friends

I've finally completed my commission painting. it's of the last mountain in the Appalachian Trail in Maine. I did it for a co-worker whose 10th wedding anniversary is coming up. According to legend, he carried the ring with him the entire time they were on the trail, then proposed at the end. I'm not sure if my sources are correct, but it's a great story none-the-less.

I realize that this is supposed to be a blog about sewing, so I promise the next post will be about sewing. I'm running around in circles to say the least lately. My fab friend Julia was in town for the weekend to see John Mayer (OMG!!! He is indescribable!!) and Sheryl Crow. Here's hoping I can pull off a completely leather outfit and a "stop draggin' my heart around" duet with Keith Urban when I'm 44. Wait, i can't do either of those things now! Well, a girl can dream. i can tell you that much.

Now my middle sis and her friends are here for a few days on their break from med school. They're going the fall tourist route and going to the Jack Daniels' Distillery, which is about 1.5 hours from here. It's my favorite fall activiity. A beautiful drive and a great country town. Love it there. Let's all take a field trip!

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:50 PM

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Love the "Katahdin" painting...

"Diddle" is lucky to have it in his A.T. collection.


Posted by Anonymous Jaybird @ 8:38 AM #
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