Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Selling out to acrylic paint

Here's another painting that I'm taking with me to the booth at Pumpkinfest. I'm coming to the realization that people would rather buy a painting than an art quilt. That's fine. I'll keep making my art quilts, but if the paintings pay the bill, then so be it. I can do them pretty quickly, and honestly, It's nice to get an idea and color out there without futzing with fabric. Example: "oh, I need the sky to be bluer...let me go dye some more bluer fabric and wait for it to set, rinse it, dry and then 24 hours later it's ready to add to the quilt." That is my usual M.O. Anything that's a pain in the @$$, I'll sign up for it. I'm jus' sayin' that sometimes it's nice to do something FAST. What? So try me in front of the craft jury. See if I care.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:45 AM

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That painting is so nice! Did you use newspaper in it?

Posted by Anonymous Jen @ 3:49 PM #

I actually used an old Feng Shui book, and it had a lot of handwritten notes in the margins, which I loved. and I tore up some pieces of an old Vogue magazine. I liked the yellowed print with the super white print. It'll probably disintegrate because I didn't use acid free stuff. Oh well.

Thanks for the compliment!!

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 7:30 PM #
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