Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A week's Vacation!

I'm vacationing so luxuriously at my girlhood home in the middle of a soybean field, in the middle of Callaway County, in the middle of Missouri, in the middle of Middle America. It's lovely! We've been bike riding on the Katy Trail (farm scene) I spotted some fellow North Callaway R-1 High School Alumni, and I even went to an MU Football Game where I witnessed a dispute over a student "accidentally" stepping on a ketchup packet, which squirted "accidentally" all over this old guys "F&
*^$*#ing $50 shirt!" oops. Good to be home.

New quilt!! On my mom's HUGE design board. (That's here round robin quilt on the right side)

I'm trying to get quite a bit of sewing done. Mom and I bought this quilt frame a couple of weeks ago. We've been trying it out, and it's amazing! Now we have to find some extension rods so we can quilt this quilt top I finished on Monday. That's right, I actually one entire project done in one day. More interesting because I usually wear the lovin' off a project until I can't even bear the sight of it. Well, this quilt ain't quilted yet, so you never know. I may hate it in the end. I'm also dying some fabric. I have perma-prune fingers right now!

Anyway on tap for the rest of the week: Haircut, eating in the dorm cafeteria with my lil' sis, more sewing, more dying, and the St. Louis Botanical Gardens I'll try to post some other cool stuff.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 8:31 AM