Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some small things

Trying desperately to make stuff, even when I don't really feel like it.

This is a photo album cover that I made. I bought one of those cheapy plastic ones from Target, then made a cover and slipped it in. I think it's really a testament to my whole back-to-school nostalgia from last week. In the background are 2 photo frames that I made from scraps. I just love being resourceful! And the fact of the matter is, I love patterns and color and fabric. And I have a lot of it. Might as well use it.


This is a slouchy type bag. It's my prototype for a series I want to do for the show I'm going to be in in October (if I get in. fingers crossed.) I have a whole lot of fabric that I think would make lovely bags. Have any of you had much luck with Etsy ? I really have not been impressed. It's so frustrating to see a bag that you know took 30 hours to make be listed for $4. But maybe it's just my luck or layout,, or something. Anyway.

I sewed little pockets in the inside, and a larger pocket on the outside. Finished with a grosgrain ribbon. Next up: elongating the width and evening out the curve of the bottom. Off to bed!


Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:37 PM