Tuesday, September 26, 2006

slouchy purse x2

I'm working on tweaking this pattern. I'm so thrilled with the fabrics in this. They're Alexander Henry (at least, i'm pretty sure) I used my trusty pin-tucking foot. I'm in love with little tucks. I still need to work on the shape. The last one was a little too wide, this one is a little too narrow.

Still awaiting word back from Franklin's Pumpkinfest. I'll have to kick it in high gear if I do get in. Anyone want to participate in the Beth Howard Studio Sweatshop? Didn't think so. At least I'll have a month this time instead of 2 weeks.

I'm super stressed at work, so that accounts for the lack of blogging. I have plenty 'o subject matter, just no time to write.

Go out and enjoy the beautiful weather! Or at least open the windows in your sewing rooms!


Posted by Beth Howard @ 9:18 AM