Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's that time of the Season

So, fall has come in a hot blustery rush. And now it's cool and all, well, autumnal and it makes me sad. Sad is perhaps the wrong word. More sentimental. So sentimental that it's a little too much for me to take. Today I worked 10 hours in a windowless office. I had no idea if it had been sunny or rainy until I walked out the door at 6pm. Turns out it was a glorious day. The kind that makes me wish I could walk home from school. But alas, I'm neither in school nor capable of walking home from work.

Maybe it's that this weather triggers all the wonderful memories I have of wonderful times at this time of day. First days of school, new beginnings, break-ups, new relationships. Major life changes. And also the smaller things: coming home from float trips with my favorite people in the world, driving to high school football games when I was still completely thrilled to be independent, cruising country roads just because, driving by myself to Nashville from Missouri for my first real-world-on-my-own-type-job.

I promise I'll try to soak up this season while it's here, not hide from it because I don't want to know what I'm missing while in my dark little office. Stay away, dreary winter! I'm not ready to abandon my flip-flops yet!

Here is the quilt I made while on Vacation. It's lap-quilt size, and quilted with only small frustrations on our new John Flynn Quilt Frame. I hope to make a few more style/designy quilts and sell them somewhere. Or maybe market them to a mass-market company. Who knows. Any ideas?

Love you guys. I know you're out there reading, and I'm eternally grateful. See? I told you I'm really sentimental right now. I even had to edit out a "freakin'" because I was trying to be faux-non-chalant.

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Posted by Beth Howard @ 7:58 PM

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I love your quilt!

Posted by Blogger Liesl @ 6:17 PM #

Good Morning Beth,
I am 56 years old and Fall still makes me think of school days. Only I am blessed to be able to get out in the fall sunshine when I please!
I really like your stamped fabric and the quilt you made.
Good Luck!
aunt susie

Posted by Anonymous aunt susie @ 10:26 AM #
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