Sunday, August 27, 2006

Quilts on Parade

My mama came down from ole' Missouri to see me, and to see the quilts at the American Quilt Society Expo in Nashville. And it was a great time. Ma brought my cuz Lynn with her, who, incidentally looks more like my mom than me, and was a virgin Nashville visitor, so we really took the tour around town. Opryland Hotel, Mafiaoza's, the aRThOUSE, the Bluebird Cafe, and Radnor Lake. I love showing new people the city. I see different things everytime. Maybe I'll post a "This you gotta see" list sometime.

The quilt show yielded some lovely purchases. Among them this quilt frame for only $75!!! That saved me and ma about $15,925. It's like a long arm frame but for the average machine, so NO BASTING!! My fingers are saying thank you right now. I mean, literally, my hands are saying "thank you" because I'm typing those words. Get it? Anyway. We both wanted a long arm, and I think this will help me, er, we in our common goal to take over the quilty quilt world. And she doesn't know it yet, but my little Bernina, Wanda, will love it! No more stuffing her throat to within an inch of her life, and still trying to move a quilt "freely".

Oh, and I bought the most fabulous Japanese patchwork book. I'll take some photos and post it soon. It's mostly in--well--Japanese, but that's okay. Who reads destructions, anyway? Not this girl. No sir. I'd rather spend my precious little crafty time making a little camera pouch with quilted accents just to realize that the very last corner is poking out in a most un-appealing way. There are some hilarious "english" interpretations. I equat it to how we sometimes throw around or stitch a French word or Chinese character, thinking it's tres`chic. But this book says things like "It's easy to use, being so cute." I don't know why, but that is totally cracking me up.

On another note, everyone...I mean EVERYONE....must go see Little Miss Sunshine. Jason and I were laughing/crying for a SOLID 10 minutes at one stretch. I can't say enough about it. Go see it. Right now!! Rilly!


Posted by Beth Howard @ 6:37 PM

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Was it the part about the horn being stuck/porn? Because that actually made me cry from laughing.

Posted by Anonymous Angela @ 8:02 AM #

Actually, it was at the end. But there were several laugh-till-you-cry moments. Steve Carrell's character was hilarious. And I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when the brother took the color-blindness test.

Posted by Blogger Beth Howard @ 8:48 AM #

I love the photos you took of the an art history buff my favorites, of corse, were the take-offs on Gauguin and Van Gogh. My daughter, Kate and I are going to see Little Miss Sunshine this weekend, can't wait.

Posted by Anonymous jenny @ 11:25 PM #
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