Sunday, August 20, 2006


Listen up, people! i've got a new digital camera, and I know how to use it! I'm going to be taking much more lovely pics from now on. Here is an example.

Doesn't everyone just love zinnias? They're abundant and easy to grow. I'll have to incorporate them into a painting, quilt, something.

I'm between projects right now. I should say I'm betweens inspirations right now. I guess I could work on those darn quilt blocks for my ole' round robin quilt. Actually, I did hand-piece my very first block yesterday.Jason and I took a little detour to Crossville, Tennesse to visit his lovely grandmother. Also a quilter, I must add. So we chatted around her kitchen table for most of the day, which I adore. Most people's real life and their history is much more interesting than anything you could read. And she's got some great insight into the lives of those around her. Enough gushing!

Here's a pic of myself & Jason today at the the local greasy spoon. It's on Hermitage Ave., near downtown. I swear I moved to the south for the biscuits!! One of those open 10pm to 1pm place. Delectable. Definitely greasy, but with a 98 health score rating!! Very important!

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