Thursday, August 17, 2006

If it's stinky and slinky, it's probably double-knit

Ah, man! I just wrote this message, only to be a total dunce and exit out of it. Now i have to re-write oh well. Call it a 2nd draft.

My boss recently gifted me with a literal carload of fabric from a neighbors' garage sale. What a great gift!! But then I had to go through all the boxes. And man, were there some "beauts" as my cousin Kim would say. (Hey, Kimmie!! Hey!!) I'm pretty sure that this woman had a late 80's teal and peach wedding. You know the kind. I found large amounts of teal tulle and peach faux silk/satin. Any takers? Halloween is just around the corner!

On the other hand, I found lots of lovely cotton lawns, cotton solids, and calicos and maybe feedsacks? from the late 70's. And i mean lots. And I'm designating 3 trash bags full of misc. fabric for a yard sale. Maybe we could have a huge fabric sway here in Nashville? I know we've all got fabric out there we'd like to free ourselves from.

My fav by far of the lot is the art-nouveau of the woman. also the pepsi and 7-up prints. But look at the 3rd pic! Seriously good stuff!

I'm working on tinkering with the site. Have a really hard time chooseing colors, header, etc. Please bear with me and check back ofter--pretty soon I'll have something tasteful and semi-permanent. At least until i change my mind. Again.


Posted by Beth Howard @ 11:51 PM

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those fabrics look grand! And I saw some real beauts myself! If you have any extra 70's knits, you know I'd love'em..........hint, hint....but I guess that would mean I'd have to get my buns down to Nashville!

Posted by Anonymous Kim Hryniewicz @ 7:19 AM #
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