Monday, July 03, 2006

The Retail Superhighway

I'm now posting on Etsy!! It's a great site--I hestitate to send you there if you've never been. I fear I may never see you again.

It works a lot like eBay, but with instant gratification. PayPal is the currency for most items, and it seems pretty straightforward. All the items (most anyway) are handmade by someone. And I have to say, most of them are amazing deals. Not that that's a great thing, because underpricing creates a problem for all of us. You can't charge $20 for something that took you 5 hours to make plus supplies and expect to turn a profit. Come on girls, think! It's for your own good! That said, I put a couple of my bags and assorted things up on the site, and for reasonable deals, if not dirt-cheap. And I have many more items coming!!

I'm currently working on a series of floorcloths that I would like to market. Does anyone have suggestions for colors that they're dying to see in a rug?

Posted by Beth Howard @ 10:09 PM