Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I am certainly genious artist...

...in manner of Bridget Jones. Just kidding. For those of you Bridget lovers out there (Mary) I had most exciting Sat. evening. My trusty pal C.Cannon and I were enjoy a lovely party at v. swanky home of grammy-winning music producer when my cell phone rings and we are immediately dispatched to scene of mall shooting. To protect the innocent, we will henceforth call this mall "Ghetto Mills" Here is how I assisted in this dramatic news covering story.
1. I loaned him my cell phone so he could call work and tell them that he could be reached via my phone, because he forgot until 4 minutes before he got called that he was the on-call reporter for the weekend.
2. I told him that "yes, your new party shirt will look fine on air. Besides, you don't have time to go home and change." at least 4 times.
3. I drove his beloved sports car "betty" after he met up with the live truck.
4. I rounded up assorted rednecks to talk on camera about supposed "chaos' that ensued following a gang-related shooting near the food court.
5. I turned up a knob so he could hear the control room talking.
6. I convinced the gas station attendant to give me a rubber band by promising to show him my boobs. Just kidding. But I totally would have because it was 500 degrees, and I have more hair than a pony. (again, just for you, Mary)

Anyway. Here is the real reason I'm blogging. I decided to work on a painting tonight. I felt that maybe I shouldn't, because I probably need to focus on my quilting, seeing as I bought a fancy new sewing machine. But I've been working on a monster of a quilt that is really slow, I mean REALLY SLOW going. I just feel frustrated and kind of stuck, and I needed to get some creative energy out and tell myself that I could actually complete, or at least come near completing, a project. And I'm so happy with it. I can't wait to work on it more tomorrow night. I feel much better now. Except there is one tiny ant crawling on my laptop screen as I'm writing this from my bed. (Oh, why oh why must I stay up so late past my bedtime?) and now I'm feeling really itchy. Here's to being an ADD artist and painting something that really makes me happy. Ciao!


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You are truly inspired artist, and also v. helpful in ghetto shooting situation! I especially enjoyed the part of the story where you turned up the knob--read in context it's a tame comment and read out of context it's mildly dirty! Good work!

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