Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Coasters

Have we talked about our new holiday coasters?

We love to print coasters. They're easy to get in and out of the press, and they're so useful! Printing a functional item is sort of hard to come by, but these fit the bill perfectly.

The stars and snowflakes are printed with metallic ink--so fun! But a pain to wash off the press.

We used variations of our holiday cards for the artwork, and this allowed us to print them at the same time, saving us from the dreaded wash-up of the press and the rollers.

These make a great holiday party hostess gift--and they're only $15!

AND we've really packaged them up in a cute way, thanks to Jean Howard, sweatshop worker extraordinaire!

Check them out today!

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Holiday Barnwarming Market!!

We wanted an excuse to have an "open barn" party before the holidays and show people how the presses work, etc, so we decided to invite some friends along as well! Check it out:

Come out to the barn for an afternoon of local arts and letterpress demonstrations!

We'll have a roasty campfire complete with s'more making, the gumball machine will be rolling, and you'll get to shop with some of our area's best artisans! We'll be running our letterpresses and giving demonstrations of this fantastic process.


When: December 11th (Saturday) from 1-5 p.m.

Where: Shryock's Big Red Barn (home of the Corn Maze) just 10 minute East of Columbia . Click here for information and directions.

Come finish (or start) your holiday shopping with fantastic local artists!

-Animalia pottery

-Lily Dawson Jewelry

-Marietta Designs fused glass

--Fergus Moore Pottery

-Porch Swing Afghans

-Hoot Design Co. artwork and posters

-Chad Canfield Soaps

--and of course, plenty of 1canoe2 goodness!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

New Business Cards

First, I need to tell you all that you can find all these posts over on our 1canoe2 website blog. I'm just double posting for now, but I think a time will come when we'll mostly post over there.

And Carrie will also be posting over there, so you should check it out! The website isn't finished yet, but it's getting there!

Here are some legit photos of our new business cards. Our old cards were cute, but not really a good example of letterpress. We're pretty excited about these and plan to print a few every time we have a fun color on the press.

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hot and Fresh off the Press!

We just finished printing some lovely wedding invites! Jackie came to us last summer with a request for some letterpressed invitations that reflected their botanical garden wedding.

We used some flowers that Carrie had drawn, and Beth drew the hand lettering and did the design work. It was a true 1canoe2 collaboration!

They're printed on Crane's Lettra 220lb....so luxurious! The impression of letterpress is really beautiful on this type of paper.

Congratulations, Jackie! We hope you love your wedding invitations as much as we loved making them!

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The cat is out of the bag

The biggest secret of the summer: We sold our recipe card box kits and address card files to Anthropologie! And it took a village to get them built, printed, assembled, and shipped!

My dad's workshop. He has officially made more than 1,000 boxes now. Whoa. This is what he did on his summer vacation.

Carrie and I printed and printed. I had to custom order special plastic packaging boxes since these will be on the shelves at Anthropologie and need to look nice!

After weeks of my mom and I and occasionally Jason packing boxes, two of my mom's sisters came over for one massive packing party, and we finally had all of them done!

Let's hear it for people who work for a good dinner!

Here's my sister Al with one of the boxes she found in the Kansas City, Missouri store! Go to your local store and see if you see them! And move them to the front of the shelves! :)

Seriously, though, this was a huge undertaking. One we are so excited about. We learned a lot of lessons about mass production and general pricing and business. Many MANY thanks go to my parents who work for free, and are always excited for us in every new adventure.

The final straw was shipping out 2 pallets of boxes. Let's just say it involved using the small-town good-old boy network and my mom driving a trailer on the highway with 2 pallets and white knuckles. UPS picked them up, and now they're all over the country!

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